Some information about how we use information and make money.

The FTC, Federal Trade Commission, requires us to share some background information on how we do certain things behind the scenes. This means we are obligated to let you know a few details about how we use and store information about you, make money with this site and our business online and what you can expect from these behaviors.

Some of the ways we make money online (perhaps with this site) are:

  • Providing and Offering Services
  • Providing Access to Tools
  • Offering Valuable Memberships
  • Recommending Companies and Products Through Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorship

In regards to affiliate marketing, and sponsorship:
At times, if we feel a company is worth partnering with, or we believe a product will benefit our visitors, subscribers, or customers, we may establish a monetary relationship with the provider, and recommend them.

Subscribers may pay us for our endorsement (like Nike paid Usain Bolt), or we’ll get a commission (Like the sales person did on the last pair of shoes you bought).

By clicking on outbound links, or purchasing products we recommend, a portion of your purchase price may come to us. So, thanks for the coffee.

In regards to services, tools, and memberships:
We’re creative and industrious, and often try to help people solve problems with tools, services, or memberships that make sense for them.

While we always operate with the best of intentions, we are not liable for how you use the services, tools, or information in a membership.

If we claim a tool, service, or membership will help you get a result, we are saying that as our opinion, but you’ll still need to put in the work to make it create results for you. And your results will probably differ from what we’ve experienced, or the experiences of our past customers, clients, and friends because everyone has different circumstances, resources and experiences.

We also use tools that help us expand our businesses and better serve those who interact with us online, which include:

  • Analytics Software
  • Re-Targeting Pixels
  • Tracking Links
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Cookies
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Social Marketing Software

Just to name a few. This means we may store some information you provide to us, and use that information to serve content to you across various platforms.

For instance, when you visit our site, a cookie will let us know if you’ve been here before, and how long you stayed. If you visit an article we post, you may see an ad on Facebook from us as a result. If you click a link in an email we send you, you may get more emails like that.

Sometimes, we’re the ones who are paying partners to recommend us. So, we might be paying someone who recommended our site to you.

Nearly every intelligent business with a desire to improve and serve their visitors and customers as best as they can uses these or similar tools. It is a very common practice and nothing to be alarmed about, just informed. It is your choice whether to continue using our services, tools, sites or taking our advice and we want you to be well-educated on what that means.

We use these to better understand our visitors, customers, and clients so we may better serve them. We hope you’ll benefit from this, but if you have any questions or issues, contact us to inquire.