PRESS RELEASE: Tampa Entrepreneurs Set Out…


December 28, 2015


Aris Creates


Two “Backpack Entrepreneurs” will go on a global quest to share entrepreneurial ideas and live life intentionally.

TAMPA, FL, December 28, 2015 — Entrepreneurs and marketers, Aris Creates and Stephen Hnilica, calling themselves “Backpack Entrepreneurs” are about to embark in January 2016 on a trip spanning the globe during which they intend to spread their business knowledge, learn about global entrepreneurship and seek self-improvement along the way. They will be available for public speaking engagements, consulting with select clients and meeting with startups, students and other entrepreneurs worldwide. They also hope to help those in economically depressed areas to have better life options by formulating entrepreneurial solutions to localized problems. They plan to share their travel and business stories through a new podcast and blog and are each working on internet-based businesses to fund and forward their travels.

The concept of this global trip was seeded when the two met and found similar interests in business, marketing, travel and culture. Hnilica has an extensive background in internet marketing, including search engine optimization, digital advertising and more. Creates has experience in business strategy and mobile and web technologies, and often consults with startups. The couple expects to find new ways of looking at old problems which may lead to breakthroughs in the way they help their clientele and create and run their own businesses. In addition to the business aspect, they want to focus on building awareness and raising money for cause partners such as charities that focus on building people’s lives through entrepreneurial values and education. They will be seeking organizations which fit their model to align their efforts with.

“We really want to create conversations, build relationships and improve people’s lives through the practice of entrepreneurship. We could change a million lives by having a larger audience and a bigger world view to share,” says Creates, who believes this trip could open new doors and create new opportunities for the pair. “It’s a big undertaking, but we are hoping that by following our passions, we can help lots of other people along the way.” The concept to share their adventures in business and travel publicly through their blog and podcast had much to do with the desire to help others–both believe strongly in mentorship, the sharing economy and facilitating world change.

As they move from one country to another, they expect to experience business and personal challenges, culture shock and other interesting interactions which they will funnel into their stories shared via social and new media. Hundreds are already following their trek and supporting their goals. They hope that number will grow exponentially as they begin to travel and publicize their next moves. Fans will be able to interact and help them with their travels through social feedback. Sponsorship and partner opportunities are available.

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Backpack Entrepreneurs was founded by Aris Creates and Stephen Hnilica based on the belief that anyone can live a life of freedom if they have the right attitude, tools and guidance. They believe freedom equates to what one desires for their own life balance. Their own freedom meant the opportunity to travel and share their gifts and talents worldwide. They chose to go on a global life quest living out of backpacks and creating value in other people’s lives through entrepreneurial knowledge–and to share the whole experience with the world through social and new media. They strive to offer mentorship, insights and friendship while building their own global citizenship.